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Photos and videos of the process of creating the various illustrations in bulk!

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Animation :

Here is an animation of a song by Pomme. I wanted to do this little animation because I love this song, so much. Go listen to this beautiful song and singer:

(Feel free to put the sound)


- Pointillism:Painting technique consisting of painting in dots of juxtaposed pure tones

Pointillism brings me a certain magic when I draw. The drawing only appears at the end of the process, you have to believe in it. It's a game of patience, but in this magic I don't see the time passing.

The paintings :


Nudes is a collection of 3 paintings. It is a collection of representation of the female body in its fragility, its assurance and its simplicity. The female body, my female body has always been an image against which I fought. Through these paintings, I somehow regained control of this body and its image.

The paintings :

-Digital Art:  It is an art form in which traditional painting techniques, such as watercolors, oils and impasto, are applied using digital tools.

You will find my drawings created on a graphic tablet, or digital prints of my paintings or other creations.