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About :

Art has always be part of me and my life. 

I went through a lot of faces : -photography ; - couture; - theatre; - dance; - writing; - filming;....

But drawing has always be the kind of art that came easier to me. It was the one I turn to when I need a outlet. 

Art is my way to get out of the world and create a new one. I forget myself in the process of creating. 

So here a window to my world !



Notebooks, books, papers and envelopes: homemade! 


My Different


Pointillisms, paintings, drawings and prints!


Illustrations :

You have a drawing idea. Maybe no precise idea but a desire.  

Customize a board, a skateboard, .... A tattoo in the head.

We can create the project together! 


Your projects

You have a drawing idea. Maybe no precise idea but a desire. Customize a board, a skateboard, .... A tattoo in the head. We can create the project together

The idea and the process 
behind the stationery:

The idea 

The idea came to me after years of buying notebooks without ever finding the one that suited me: pretty, practical, customizable with quality paper. For me, this last point is of paramount importance. A thick and quality paper that allows you to use all types of pens, markers, paint or ink of your choice. I wanted to apply my artistic view to this problem and create useful art.

The Process

Discover the creation of a notebook from beginning to end thanks to my videos and on this site. Folding the pages, stitching the notebooks, gluing the covers, the processes are all different. But also be an actor in this process by choosing your customizable notebook: make your own choices: style, colors or threads!

Illustration for the Book

"Confident Children, Serene Parents" - Catherine Legros and Jeremie Legros

Mission for 

You have a drawing idea.

Maybe not a precise idea but a desire.

You would like to customize a board, a skate, a computer, a clock.

Personalize greeting, birthday, thank you cards.

We can create the project together!

Animated logo

for the launch of the brand 

"A flapping wing"

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Merci pour votre envoi !

Looking for a graphic illustrator in Annecy?

Are you a business or an individual in the pretty town of Annecy?

Are you looking for a graphic illustrator to carry out a project?

Welcome to my world. Passionate about graphic design and illustration, I started as an illustrator Graphic designer in Annecy for more than 4 years.

I realize all your ideas and your desires: personalized drawings, tailor-made gifts, posters, tattoos, book illustrations… Illustrator Graphic designer in Annecy: expert in pointillism Pointillism: Painting technique consisting of painting by points of juxtaposed pure tones. Portraits, animals, personalized posters, tattoos or simple decorations...


Pointillism is my real crush. It is an uncommon technique, which takes time but which has a real resonance with all illustrations.

Illustrator Graphic designer in Annecy: digital art Digital Art: It is an art form in which traditional painting techniques, such as watercolors, oils and impasto, are applied using digital tools. Personalized posters, greeting cards, thank you cards, birth announcements, wedding announcements, personalized portraits… (of your pet, sister, mom, anything is possible)

Illustrator Graphic designer in Annecy: personalized projects I am available for all your personalized projects, even the craziest! From the simple poster to the tattoo, passing by the surfboard. Everything can be imagined.

Example of Jérémy Flores' surfboard

Jérémy gave me carte blanche to illustrate his board and got it back a week later.

Jeremy wanted a surprise, so I created a unique design for him from one of his Instagram photos. The illustration is inspired by his birthplace and a photo of him and his daughter. I know how dear his family is to him. All that remained was to varnish his board and get back into the water!

Jérémy immediately recognized the inspiration photo and his native mountains. Hoping that the next time he goes to competition, it will bring him luck.

Illustrator Graphic designer in Annecy: painting

In painting, my illustrations tend to be chromatic. Working the shadows is what interests me the most. Bring these illustrations to life with these contrasts.

It is a fashion that I have adopted and which will modernize your creations.


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