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Since last year I turned to stationery, creating notebooks, binding books. I recycle paper to re-make it myself.

Below you will find my stationery creations but also my creation process.



binding (feminine noun)

  1. 1. Action or art of binding (the leaves of a book; a book).

  2. 2. Manner in which a book is bound; cover of a hardcover book. The covers, the spine of a binding.

Binding is the technique for assembling books and notebooks, it is still used today. We sew blank pages for people to write their own stories, or we sew the story together.

To bind a book, you only need paper, a needle and a thread. You fold your paper in half, then you create notebooks from 4 to more than ten pages. Then you pierce each notebook and then sew them together. Depending on the style chosen, your bindings will be visible or not. It's a moment of creation that I appreciate, it's a therapeutic moment with a lot of repetition of movements. You have a first view of what the notebook will become. At this stage I put my personal touch and I use colored threads to match the theme of the notebook. When you order one of my customizable notebooks, it's up to you to choose these colors.


Notebook Creation 

After creating the inside of the notebook, you have to tackle the outside. Choose a cover, a style: visible binding, closed spine, soft or hard cover, with a flap…

Once these choices have been made, the cardboard and the cover can be cut. The chosen cardboard is then glued to the cover. We then assemble everything in the chosen style: the pages, the cover, the flyleaves... This is an important moment when the slightest defect could stand out. But the magic happens, everything fits together perfectly and the desired notebook is created. The last details are added: a ribbon to close the book, a bookmark, an envelope on the last page, or even the gold on the edges. As with yarn, you can choose these options as part of the custom notebook.


Creation of calendars

To help you move forward and realise your progress, personalized diaries are being created and will soon arrive in the store.


Recycled paper

The various recycled papers are being created and will soon arrive on the shop. Subscribe to the newsletter to be kept informed.


Merci pour votre envoi !

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