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My work

Below you will find some of my latest professional projects.

My skills go through:

- illustrations

- video editing

- animation

- training

- writing

You are a professional and would like to propose a project to me or have questions; Do not hesitate to contact me.


book illustration
"Confident child, serene parents"

At the end of each chapter, author Catherine Legros wanted a visual summary for the readers.

The desire was to make people want to reopen the book and easily find the little end-of-chapter reminders. 

From Catherine's reminder sheets, I designed an illustration.

Create an airy layout where you can remember the chapter at a glance.  

The blue, purple, green/blue color code found in each illustration. They are also all drawn and hand written by myself.


Animated logo
"A flapping wing"

For the launch of the Un Battement d'aile brand and boutique, the designer wanted an animation of her logo to announce it.

Their logo contains a butterfly and a eucalyptus branch.

I started with the idea of the caterpillar becoming a butterfly, like the idea becoming a shop. To stay in the style of the logo, the animation is a single stroke that evolves and shows the evolution of the butterfly. 

A touch of green color is also found, and which will become the eucalyptus of the end logo.

This animation was used for the launch of their social networks and is still on their website.


Video and Animation"Start Block"

I was called in to finish editing and animating the Starting Block video. After discovering the project, I reframed the editing. I started working to make it more fluid, direct and suitable for the viewer.

Part of the reportage is represented by drawings that I have animated. I also had to find solutions to the problems of the video, such as moments without images with sound, and others with images but without sound.

The implementation of subtitles and a voiceover have been chosen. . After several weeks of work, we are all delighted with this video which highlights young people and their implications in the life of citizens. 


Training for
Les Gobelins Paris Campus Annecy

I had the chance to teach at Les Gobelins at the Annecy Campus. The two classes I offered were on video editing and storytelling behind an illustration.

Training "Storytelling and Navigation"

- With a lesson on the power of the image and its use to convey messages. 

Over a week, the students create a production file for a film poster, concert, health campaign,... Then they exchange their files among themselves to produce the requested poster.

A work on the writing of his vision of a project, the creation of specifications, and put his imagination in writing. The second part is a work of communication between creator and client, and the creation of a project imagined by someone else.

Training "Video Editing" :

- During a discovery day, I had the chance to introduce the assembly to a class of Goblins. 

After a morning learning the basics of editing and how to use an editing app. The students toured in groups, for 1 hour, a small scenario that I had provided to them.

They then spent the afternoon editing their own videos. They put their styles, their touches. We watched each of the videos at the end of the day. 

Green and White Simple and Basic Science Course Curriculum Teaching Presentation.jpg
Montage Vidéo.jpg


Illustration For project
"to the left of yes
to the right of the no"

The consent card  is an illustration for the Zaoum company's show file "to the left of yes and to the right of no".

The inspiration behind this card is that of Henry Thoreau, Walden.

The style sought was style, almost childish. 

Untitled_Artwork 23.jpg
Capture d’écran 2023-08-24 à 14.04.33.png
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